How Long Will My Child Like Piano Lessons?

As a new father of a one and a half year old precious baby girl, my eyes have gradually been opening to the amazing world of being a parent! As much as I dislike it, I humbly accept the fact that my own parents were 1,000% correct when they would tell me,
“you have no way of knowing until you have a child of your own…”
As I’ve seen my daughter develop her own very outspoken character of likes and dislikes, it started to dawn on me…what if she doesn’t want to learn piano?? What if she wants to dance ballet or learn how to paint??
Now, just to clarify, my dilema doesn’t lie in whether or not she likes piano, but rather in that if she likes ballet or painting (or anything else for that matter) then I have to confront three of the most important questions in giving her the best opportunity to succeed at it:
  1. How do I know I’m choosing the right school/academy for my child?
  2. What does a good ___________ instructor look like?
  3. Is this something I should plan to invest in for the long haul? or is it a momentary thing?

With that said, I want to thank those of you who have put your trust in Musical Living Academy, our instructors, and myself because I now have a deeper appreciation for what that means.

Although questions number one and two can more easily be answered by research, word of mouth, and recommendations, the third question can be a lot more complex because it can involve answering:

  • Is my child going to really like doing this?
  • How long will my child like piano lessons? I don’t want to waste my money if he/she wants to quit in 3 months…
  • How long should I wait before purchasing the proper instrument needed? It can be a good chunk of change

It saddens me to know that the fear of these unknowns will be a stumbling block to many families that would otherwise experience first hand the joy & enhancing benefits of music study.

I am proud to present to you an introductory piano program that helps remove those fears and gives your child the amazing opportunity to experience making music in a fun & unforgettable way!

Piano4Kids Program

a new piano program for kids ages 7-9 & 10-12!

Students that sign up for this program will be placed in a class of six to eight students; classes will be divided by ages 7-9 and 10-12. Each class will meet once a week for 45 minutes and the cost will be only $85/month.
Is my child really going to like this?
These classes will run for 1 semester (approximately 16-20 weeks depending on class pace) which gives you 4 to 5 months to see how your child really enjoys making music. The best thing about this time period in which you are observing your child’s reaction to piano class is that regardless of the outcome, they will be building the crucial life-skills of: social interaction, working with others to produce a common goal, & self-esteem. Making music together helps build these skills in a powerful way that few other activities can do because making music will not feel like “work” but fun.
How long will my child like piano lessons?
Piano/music lessons are a journey; they might be the only other long-term commitment kids have aside from school. The reality is that anything that is a long-term commitment has it’s ups and downs in terms of motivation. Parents should expect for their kids to say “I don’t want to go to piano anymore” at some point in the journey, and most of the time it will not be that they really have stopped liking it, but rather that they feel the weight of a long-term commitment. While this bump in the road is pretty much inevitable, I strongly believe that a student’s first experience at piano/music lessons is the most important phase of this journey. One of the key elements that makes Piano4Kids Program a great first experience at the piano is that kids will be experiencing making music with other kids using relevant music styles.
How long should I wait before purchasing the proper instrument needed?

Realistically, a student should be given the proper instrument at home from day one so that he/she might have a true chance of feeling successful in his/her attempt. But, it is a completely logical desire to know whether the student will “stick to it” before making that purchase. I am convinced that you will not have any hesitation about this when you see that your child is loving it more and more each week!

At the end of the first semester, all families will be given the option to be transferred into private piano lessons with one of our fine instructors or the students can continue enjoying making music together for another semester!