Trial Class Week: March 27th – April 1st

1st Official Class: April 3rd – 8th

Only 8 Spots Per Class so call and reserve yours today!

Our Story


Looking back at the beginning, it seems as if I was guided down a path of great fulfillment and passion. I first fell in love with making music when I learned to play the piano. I then fell in love with teaching others to make music. Currently, I am in love with the opportunity to encourage younger teachers through my experiences and lessons learned.

My musical journey started when I was eight years old. I used to listen to songs and one sound always stood out above the rest. It wasn’t until my father helped me identify it that I realized it was the piano. Soon after, I saw an advertisement for piano lessons in the newspaper and asked my dad if he could sign me up. I had no idea what a big request this was for our single-income family of five, but my dad took me to sign up for lessons and music quickly became my passion, joy, and refuge.

edelir garza

"Music is God's gift to man, the only art of Heaven given to earth, the only art of earth we take to Heaven."

Walter Savage Landor


Private Piano Lessons 

Private instruction is based on traditional classical technique and literature that has been the….

Private Guitar Lessons 

How can I know what chords this song uses? I wish I could learn the lead part of that song…what pedals should I…

Private Voice Lessons 

Personalized & tailored to the individual, private voice lessons offer the students a fun and engaging learning…

Private Violin Lessons 

Whether you are a beginner or an experience player wanting to perfect your skill, we can help you reach that goal!


Pre-K Piano Classes 

Your child will enjoy learning from a nationally recognized piano method that has been specifically designed for ages 4-6.

Piano4Kids Program 

Students are introduced to the basics piano in a fun environment making use of relevant music that keeps them motivated!

Piano4Teens Program

Students will learn to read music & use chords as they learn the basics of piano with music that has already been “cool-approved.” 

Adult Piano Program

Did you know that the adult learner is the largest group of beginning and actively participating piano students in the country?

Kid’s Orchestra Program 

Our Kid’s Orchestra Program will be giving students as young as 7yr old the experience of playing in an orchestra setting.


Guitar4Kids Program 



Edelir Garza

Edelir Garza

Founder - Piano Instructor

Christian Davila

Christian Davila

Music Director/ Piano Instructor

Lucas Gomez

Lucas Gomez

Accounts Manager/Guitar Instructor

Julie Hernandez

Julie Hernandez

Studio Manager

Sofia Hernandez

Sofia Hernandez

PreK Piano Teacher

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Alexa Alvarez

Alexa Alvarez

Piano Instructor

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